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Since it is open source, developers can bring out a host of Android versions and the biggest question that comes to the mind of a user is if they actually should go for it. Well to start with, there are both pros and cons with it as is usual with any...

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It is a basic fact that the more control that we get for tech goods, the more satisfied we are. This is the exact principle that underlines one of the latest updates from Google for the YouTube app for iOS that was released recently. On the first look, I...

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You may at times face such crises as recovering data from a system which does not work. Now this can happen due to two reasons. First of all, it may be because of the complaint of the hard disk. In this case,you may have to get expert help which can be...

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The Netbook used to be the new kid on the block for some time but not anymore. We have witnessed their considerably low speed and performance when compared to the laptop and hence they are no more a sensation in the market. But for those who actually...

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Chances are that you are already using it but you may not be making use of it in the maximum level. This is the case with many a user as they are not aware of the large number of things that they can really do with VLC apart from watching video and...

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