Why you should install a custom Android ROM

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Since it is open source, developers can bring out a host of Android versions and the biggest question that comes to the mind of a user is if they actually should go for it. Well to start with, there are both pros and cons with it as is usual with any other thing. So in the brighter side, you will have the chance to get the most updated version of Android.



This is so because not all manufacturers are really interested in giving the latest version so updating is not very much in their agenda. Now this is a good reason to get custom Android. The next important thing that leads the users to get one is that they want to go away from the official skin or the appearance provided by the company. This is so as we do not generally want to be replicating what everyone else does.

Now there are some obvious technical reasons a well for choosing a custom version and this includes the tendency to avoid bloatware which is nothing but some apps that actually is of no value for the user and also results in space-loss. Custom ROMs actually are very much attractive as they give you so many good features in areas like  display, accessories and even in performance in general. You also get the option to manage App permissions which is a great way to enhance your privacy.

The picture is not always as rosy as it appears. You will have to face many a challenges in this respect. The first one will be the challenge of reduced battery life. Now you will also have to tackle hardware issues but this may not be regular. This does not end there. Bugs can be a real problem as you go on using custom ROMs and so you should give a second thought before you decide.