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This wonderful app is for those who really find it hard to do ordinary things like sleeping or for that matter even concentrating because of the onslaught of unwanted noise from around you. This can be a nasty problem for many as we are quite used to some...

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Before I start, I have got to make one thing crystal clear for you. That is this app may not replace your remote control for obvious reasons and what you can seriously consider doing is that you can use the app along with your remote control to make...

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It’s simple, it’s affordable and it is getting more and more popular. Google chromebook is an attempt from Google to bring laptops for the public in large numbers and they have banked on simplicity to make it affordable to all so much that you can get...

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Since it is open source, developers can bring out a host of Android versions and the biggest question that comes to the mind of a user is if they actually should go for it. Well to start with, there are both pros and cons with it as is usual with any...

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It is very much important for students to keep a watch on their activities like studying, playing, tuition etc. Now it goes without saying that doing this on a digital platform is very much easy and fun too. Now you have the Android app called Timetable-...

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