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Yelp is one among the handiest smartphone apps ever made. But the app has long suffered from one troubling limitation: Although you can write a review on your phone, you can't really publish it. It will be just  a "draft" until you get back to your PC...

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Everyone knows that in-flight Wi-Fi is not quick and it is really expensive. But still there will be many who would want to buy this one. Well this article explains how you could make the most of this one even if you do not want to admit that this is very...

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It is now very easy for everyone to share files between iPhone and Mac as now you can use the DeskConnect app for this very purpose. You need the app in both your iPhone as well as your Mac. You will see the app on the Mac in the menu bar. You must be...

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You must have known by now that you can use Google Now’s Reminder quite easily but it is widely accepted by a large number of users that it is not that easy when it comes to managing a reminder that has already been set by you. We can realise...

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