How to post Yelp reviews directly from your iPhone

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Yelp is one among the handiest smartphone apps ever made.

But the app has long suffered from one troubling limitation: Although you can write a review on your phone, you can’t really publish it. It will be just  a “draft” until you get back to your PC and finalize it in your desktop browser.


With the recent release of Yelp 7.0 for iOS,  you can do more than just create draft reviews: You can really publish them. (The Android version will be updated in the near future just like the iOS.) What’s more, if you’ve any photos of the business and/or its wares, they’ll appear in-line along with your review.

Yelp for iOS now allows you to publish reviews right then and there, without having to finalize them later.

Just pull up the listing for any business, then choose Add Review. You can see the option to add a star rating and a also full-text review, followed by an option to add photos if you like.

However, the app doesn’t give you all the options allowed by the Web interface (like specifying the price , whether it’s good for kids, availability of Wi-Fi, and the like). For that you’ll still need to connect to your browser.

Wondering what occured to the Tip option? It’s still there: simply scroll down to the bottom of the business listing given,till you see the Add Tip button.