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There are many clients which can be used for establishing a remote connection between your PC and another device. Many of these may want you to install these on the systems but there are others as well which do not require you to do this. Microsoft’s RD...

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Web browsers are making things easier for every user in all aspects of browsing but then every thing has got a second side. The same is the case with the web browsers. They can annoy to at times, with unwanted toolbars getting installed as well as...

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There are numerous advices about what all tools are very essential in the case of Windows but then who can say that such a list is always going to be perfect. Well to make matters clearer, now you do have the luxury of depending on such a list. There has...

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Well it is a very good option to make the PC to hibernate when we want to go for some thing to do or if we feel that we have been working on the PC for long. Now there are of course many advantages with hibernation the PC rather than shutting down as the...

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Holders of Windows Live account (or an old Hotmail account, for that matter) have 25GB free storage space on their SkyDrive. If you do not have a Widows Live account, don’t worry, we can create our free account through a simple process. Users of...

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