How to remotely connect your PC with an Android device

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There are many clients which can be used for establishing a remote connection between your PC and another device. Many of these may want you to install these on the systems but there are others as well which do not require you to do this. Microsoft’s RD for Android is one of them. If you want to make use of it, you need not install it but still you will have to establish a remote connection.



For this you can go to the Control Panel and then to System and Security.There select System. Now you can select the option “Remote Settings”. Now after this step has been done, you have to make sure that you choose Network Level Authentication. You may also choose to restrict the option of connecting to you to some users. Now if you want to connect to a PC by an Android device, you have to press the ” +” option on the RD tab. Now just like any other connection, you will have to give a name as well as the address for the PC and  then you can simply connect.

Now once the connection has been established, you can simply access the utility bar. You can perform this task by pressing the connection bar. Now all said, I must point put some important things that came up while trying this client. In the first place, what strikes one is the rather uncomplicated nature of the app and that is not so common in these clients.

Now apart from the rather simple nature of the app, another thing strikes you very much. This is that the app has got the feature of help available to you on a step by step basis. Now this is so much important from the point of view of the average user as now you can do all these on your own.