Tools to edit your Windows taskbar

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We use it very often but we do not pay enough attention to it. What I am talking about is the taskbar in Windows 8 as there is no doubt about its efficacy. But even when we make use of it, we rarely pay attention to its many uses. So it is high time that we gave it the attention that it needed very badly.


For starters, I would recommend you go with the Start menu in the beginning of the customizing exercise. What is new about this is that you are allowed to use even third-party start menus to be applied here. I would not be listing out the list of the utilities that you can possibly use but I would say that there are a plenty of them available out there and you can always make use of Google for doing this very function.

Another very easy and important customizing strategy is to use the edges and their properties to your advantage. What you are essentially doing here is simple: you just make use of the properties that are available in the menu and you do the customizing to your liking and hence there is no risk of getting stuffed out there.

Well you can seriously consider the option of auto-hiding as this will be of immense use to you and form my experience, it is really worth it. Well for some, novelty would not be so new a thing. For those of you who belong to this group, you too have a good option and what I mean is that you can use a traditional taskbar to customize the taskbar to your liking.

The next important thing that you can do is to change the size of your taskbar and you may consider reducing or even making it bigger all as you please.