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This wonderful app is for those who really find it hard to do ordinary things like sleeping or for that matter even concentrating because of the onslaught of unwanted noise from around you. This can be a nasty problem for many as we are quite used to some...

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The iPhone 5C device comes with a lot of color and what is more, you can see that this very feature of the device has been enriched by the use of specially designed cases which have come a long way. What I am talking about is the new kid on the block-...

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Well, one thing about new technology is that if you take a stride forward, without waiting to see the real impacts on the grass-root level, you will end up creating unwanted confusion. This is exactly the case with Windows 8. Though the new release was...

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This popular app makes it so easy to navigate public transportation in big cities.Now it is available for Android as well as iOS. Transit app can be a tad confusing in the beginning.We discuss here about how to use this app to navigate from point A to...

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One of the good things about Windows 2013 is that you can actually add very useful apps into its office. Apps here mean resources very useful to the user say for example dictionaries which will define important terms as well as direct access to...

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