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Learn how to use this new Google service that acts as a kind of digital will for the information you've got stored with Google in the event of your death. What happens to your Gmail account, Google Drive documents, Picasa photos, and also the different...

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Yes, it is possible now to make tweets disappear and that too automatically  after some time and all this is possible now and that too freely and what you want to understand in this case is that you are helped by the service of Spirit for...

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Well, I can surely admit that I do not want, in many cases, my FB friends to know that I have read a message. This is simply bound to happen and you know the whole thing is complicated! But how can you accomplish this thing is the million-dollar...

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There is a huge number of services available in the web which assist you to verify whether a shortened link is legit or if it is going to be a potential danger by loading dangerous malware or steal your data.But it is always good to take the utmost care...

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