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This wonderful app is for those who really find it hard to do ordinary things like sleeping or for that matter even concentrating because of the onslaught of unwanted noise from around you. This can be a nasty problem for many as we are quite used to some...

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Before I start, I have got to make one thing crystal clear for you. That is this app may not replace your remote control for obvious reasons and what you can seriously consider doing is that you can use the app along with your remote control to make...

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There are many clients which can be used for establishing a remote connection between your PC and another device. Many of these may want you to install these on the systems but there are others as well which do not require you to do this. Microsoft’s RD...

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It is really funny, isn’t it? Yes it is about the feature of filters in iOS7 that will help you say spruce a photo in no time. But be cautious in one thing, that is iOS7 will not deselect the filter option once you have exited. This leads to the...

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There are some things which are so much cherished by users that you just cannot take them away from them. This is the same even if you are so much loved by users in all other respects. Yes it is about the search option from Spotlight which was missing for...

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