Force to Restart Xperia Z Smart Phone with Built in Battery

How to Force to Restart Xperia Z Smart Phone with Built in Battery

The Sony Xperia Z may be a nice feature packed phone. However with an operating system like android that’s open to any range of customizations and tweaks all around, there are probabilities that a handful of recent launcher or app installs may get your phone to the not responding state.

In such a scenario, restarting the Xperia Z in a forced manner can not be done by directly plugging out and putting the battery in because the back battery panel is closed and therefore the battery isn’t removable. To go concerning doing that, here’s a small fix you’ll follow:

Force to Restart Xperia Z Smart Phone with Built in Battery


  1. Press and hold the power button for or five at the side of the volume up key.
  2. Remove your finger once you feel the vibration then press and hold the volume up button for ten seconds.
  3. Now the phone begins to shut down automatically with a three-pulse vibration try.
  4. Now turn the phone on once more normally as you are doing and also the phone has restarted.

Though the external battery removal choice isn’t on the market, there’s a way to force restart the Sony Xperia Z. Allow us to know how it went within the comments?

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  1. I couldnt get it to restart so I pressed the on/off button AND the volume up button at the same time. When I felt the vibrating the phone restarted.

      1. My phone was not responding at all. No screen, no vibration, only the white color LED. Holding the power button didn’t work. So as Kim suggested, I pressed and hold both ppower and volume up buttons and it worked!

  2. I did only 2 first steps and my xperia restarted, but it has got low battery now (3%). It’s a little bit strange, because when I went to sleep, it had 35%

  3. I pressed the power button and the volume up button at the same time for about 5-7 seconds. The phone shut down and I was able to do a normal startup.

  4. As per other comments being left, maybe the spelling, and instructions need updated slightly. Hold power key , then hold volume up key. Let go of both when phone vibrates, and should then re-boot. Appears to have got rid of some of the lag I was experiencing.

    1. thanks bro this helped…. it was sure some lag or somethin and also anothr option is to try transfering ur data from internal memory to ur external memory so that ur operating system gets enuf of internal memory to run smoothly…. this lag happns mostly bcuz v full the internal memory wid our downloads and forget to transfer them to our external memory… once ur internal memory has enuf space the phone should run smoothly….. peace!!

  5. hi !! I had a problem with my sony xperia Z. it’s in a secured mode. How can I take that mode away ???

  6. while pressing volume up button and power button cell is not responding any other way to format option is there friends plz help

  7. First…i was worried when my Xperia “freeze”, i had pushed the power button for long time but nothing was happened. I follow your instruction by holding power & volume up button at the same time for about 3 seconds…and whoila! my phone shut down and i can restart…now it back to normal condition…thank you very much for your very good advice ^_^

  8. Thanks a million. Found lots of articles mainly saying to hold the power and up button at the same time and that does not work for me. Your procedure was different to those so I tried it and it worked. I did not get a vibration above but by just holding the power button for a few seconds (I had it pugged into a USB slot on my laptop) a red light appeared in the top right corner which indicated some life in the phone. Then holding the vol up for about 10 secs did the trick and after letting go I then got the vibration. Pressing power then started the phone. Excellent article.

  9. used this a few times now works perfectly. very rare my phone will crash as its a amazing phone!!

    1. For me this time, the opposite worked. One time before, I tried the Sim card first, and it auto-restarted. Today, the Sim card removal didn’t trigger the wished restart. Don’t know why. I then searched here and tried “power and up up” combo, and it worked.
      Weird but I’m happy.

  10. +1: I couldnt get it to restart so I pressed the on/off button AND the volume up button at the same time. When I felt the vibrating the phone restarted.

  11. ive done absolutely all the tips and tricks everyone has offered. my phone still wont turn on or anything. when i have it on charge there is a solid red light, i leave it for a few mins and try the volume and power button technique, still nothing. This is the second time this has happened to my phone (the first time i was able to resolve it). What a piece of junk! My phone doesnt even have a restart button.. The fact that this phone even needs a well known “method” to turn it on, proves that it has had problems from the moment it was made. STUPID, STUPID, STUPID. IT is no longer a phone but a huge piece of junk! thanks for wasting my time SONY

  12. Hi,
    my sony turned off alone while it was charging and i was using it , and the red light at the top still red.. even if i unplug the charger or i plug it, and i can’t turn the red light off and can’t turn my phone on
    non of the method u listed work
    can any one help

  13. I couldn’t get it to restart so I Pressed to on button and the volume and it shut down. worked great after…

  14. my phone didn’t on & stuck at black screen, but the battery becomes hotter, i have no idea.
    And your tips is worked, many thanks

  15. I had a bit of a pickle when my phone alarm went off while I was listening to music, and the screen wouldn’t respond to touch. I couldn’t do anything because the alarm app overlayed everything! In the end I decided to try this, but the real way to do it is both the power button and the up volume key pressed down at the same time. I got the restart after that, and now my alarm isn’t blaring out at me!

  16. YES! I used the power button and the up volume at the same time to unfreeze, you are a genius, thank you so much!

  17. Hello all,
    Thanks for the good tip (and clarification about simultaneous holding the buttons rather than sequential pressing — it seems we have phones with different SW (or even HW/firmware) levels.

    However, my problem is to *switch off* (shutdown completely) the phone *WITHOUT* restarting. I have a crack in the display, and even though it is displaying everything perfect, it doesn’t sense touching in the top of the screen. Hence, it’s impossible to confirm shutdown by touching the pop-up menu showing when the power button is pressed.

    Does anyone know how to just shutdown the phone *without* restarting?

    Thanks a lot!

  18. I have tried every lil thing to make my phone turn on. Nothing is working. I have only had the phone for a month and a half!

  19. To force shutdown in case of not responding phone press and hold power and volume up for few seconds, and to force start in case not starting by power button just press power and volume down together for few seconds.

  20. Do my phone erase all memory if i press the power button and volume key? Or it will just restart? Cause i just want to restart my phone,not reset. Plz inform thanks

  21. if i press power button and volume key,should my phone only restart?or it also erase all data? i mean i want to restart my phone, but dont want to reset. please help 🙂 thank you

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