How to add and manage useful Apps in Word 2013

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One of the good things about Windows 2013 is that you can actually add very useful apps into its office. Apps here mean resources very useful to the user say for example dictionaries which will define important terms as well as direct access to Wikipidea.


Now to show you how to do this, we will add WordCalc which is an expression-solver used in Mathematics and we can use this in Word by adding it first.

You need to click the Insert Tab in Word. After this, you have to click the Find more apps which is provide at the Office Store link. Once your browser opens the Office Store page, you need to click on WordCalc in this case. For doing this, you need to log in to your Microsoft profile. Once you are in the WordCalc page, you need to click the Add button. Next you will have to confirm this by clicking on the Continue button. Next you will see a web page with some instructions about the program concerned.

Well all said, you can return to Office Store and add more apps to Word and such other Windows Office programs anytime and add the programs that you like. There are some important things which you have to note in this case. First of all, you cannot integrate programs which are not given in the Office Store. Though you may be allured by programs which claim themselves to be compatible with Office, you have to be very careful on this regard and hence I would warn you do not do that.

Another thing is that even when you are free to add any number of programs, it is always good to add only those programs which you think you will use for sure as adding unwanted programs can at times slow down your Office if your system is not very powerful