Techniques for Mapping SkyDrive Folder on Your Windows 7

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Holders of Windows Live account (or an old Hotmail account, for that matter) have 25GB free storage space on their SkyDrive.

If you do not have a Widows Live account, don’t worry, we can create our free account through a simple process. Users of Windows 7 can easily map their SkyDrive public folder as a network drive and the scope of this mapping is incredible and unimaginable. This extract will give you a comprehensible idea about mapping SkyDrive public folder on your windows 7.

The first step is, link your workstation with your Windows Live ID and from the option control panel select User Accounts and Family Safety. Select User Accounts and then Link Online IDs and then go to Link Online ID and finally select WindowsLiveID. You may not have the Windows Live ID provider in the beginning and you may need to download and install this Windows Live ID provider and it is very simple and effortless as far as the users of Windows PC are considered.

The second step is to log in to your Windows Live account. If you ever wish to change your password you can do it but you have to go back to the Link Online ID page in the Control Panel and alter it there as well. The next thing we require is the address of your SkyDrive folder and is not immediate requirement. Open My Computer and select the option “Map network drive” from the top.

Now you can select the drive letter that you wish for and paste the succeeding address in bold into the text bar adjacent to “Folder”: \\[email protected]\IDGOESHERE\^2Public .There may be an option ‘finish’ but never click that option, for there are procedures remaining.

The next step requires your ID number and to find your ID number get into your SkyDrive page and then right-click on the option “Files” and then select “Copy link address” or you can select whatever  address your browser uses to copy the URL.

In the next step you have to copy the URL into any Text editors such as Notepad and copy the text succeeding “cid=”.

In this step go back to the Map Network Drive folder and paste the ID number over “IDGOESHERE” then click “Finish.” And you have to wait for a few seconds to complete this process.

Now you can log in through your Windows Live ID and your new drive should pop right up. If you want to change the folder name here you have the opportunity to do so.  Right-click on the folder name and select “Rename” and type in a squat and impressive label.


These are the techniques to map your Skydrive folder on Windows PC and you can now effortlessly insert files to your Public folder, or verify them in Windows Explorer at your spare time.