How to be careful about RAM Disks

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You already know a lot about RAM Disks and you probably might be using one. I do have a word of caution if you are using one and I will be discussing why you should be extremely careful about this. You do know that RAM is volatile memory. This means that for RAM to be active, you should always have your system plugged to power. This should act as a hurdle if you are planning about this since once you lose power your RAM Disk will not remember anything after it gets started again. This means that when you are saving to RAM Disk, you  are actually paving the way for possible data-loss.



Unlike many other programs that are really scams, RAM Disk in not that dangerous although its speed must not inspire you in all cases. What I mean is that you should not use it as an important database as you have a plenty of other safe options available to you.  They should also be discarded when it comes to boosting game load times as they make virtually no difference in this regard as it is determined by your system specifications to a large degree.

You must also note that these are not for the average user as these are really expensive. If they are to be used, then they are strictly for data centres and other businesses which require the high speed provided by the RAM as well the high degree of stability offered by the SSDs. In these cases, they use RAM-based Solid State Drives and the benefit of this is that they come with a powerful battery and so it becomes safer for use. But on the flip side, they are way beyond the reach of the average user owing to their high cost and relative degree of complexity.