Why you should manage XP in the medium term

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Let us face it. Windows will in the medium term stop the support it has been giving to Windows XP. The reasons are numerous and you know that it is going to be a necessity as one day XP will no longer be supported.



The most important thing is that there will be a number of security issues as there will be numerous hardware glitches. So it is a fact that you will have to look out for newer options in the backdrop of an end to the support that XP has been getting.

So the next important question is whether you can change to a good option instead of XP. Yes, now you can do this very thing. The best option that Windows will advocate is Windows 8 but still you will have to think a lot on this regard. Windows 8 is good but not good for all users and for all systems. What needs to be pointed out is that this version will not be suitable for you if you are not a very advanced user.

Further, you may want to ask yourself the question again as the suitability of Windows 8 is very much dependent on your system’s efficiency as well. SO if your system is old then I would say you check out for Windows 7. Well don not feel bad. Windows 7 is a great OS and I would say in many a situation, it is even better than the newer version. Well in case you are afraid about it, then please know that Windows 7 will be supported for a long time and to be precise, till 2020. Now you will always have good option from Open OS like Linux and you can do everything that you can do in Windows as well.