How to stay clear of Google

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Well, I know it does sound strange, but many people would like to avoid the use of Google for many reasons. I do admit that this would not be as easy as you would like it to be but still we can try to do this in many ways. Many people would want to switch to a better service but still they may not find it easy to get ot of Google’s presence.

How to stay clear of Google

First of all, you might think about dropping your Gmail. I would say that if it is OK, there is no reason for you to switch. If the case is different, then you can actually have a new primary e-mail and then you can send this to your contacts. If you might want to integrate the new account with your Outlook, then it is easy as well. For this, you shall sign into the Outlook and then you have to choose the option “More mail settings”. Once you have done this, you have to select “Your email accounts”, as provided under the option “Managing your Account”. Now you can just follow the easy steps given there.

Now if you would like to stop using Google Drive and switch to another Cloud storage service, then you can easily opt for Dropbox, if you want. You can sign up for free and then you can simply drag your files and drop them so easily.

Well all said, you might still want to avoid Google search as well. Now you can seriously consider using Bing as it is just as efficient as Googlge Search. You can set Bing as your default Search engine. Now another important thing is switch from Google Chrome, and in this case, you can consider Mozilla Firefox which is as good or even better than Google Chrome to say the least.