How to get Direct Messages on Twitter

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This new feature will help you get messages directly from anyone in Twitter. The matter was that of perception as till now you could send a direct message to those who follow you. Now this was a lacuna as you could not send a message directly to someone whom you follow but for some reason or the other does not follow you. Now this division is going to be wiped off and you can send messages directly to a wider audience.



The new feature was rolled out last week and you should take note of the fact that you will not have the new feature by default and hence it is very important that users gets and idea about how to enable this at the earliest. The first step that you need to do to enable the feature is to get to the account settings. Now you will need to see and verify for yourself if a there is a new Messages option that has been provides under the Content section.

In case is such an option is not given, then you must periodically check back on it. Now once you have checked the box, you are actually allowing permission to anyone who follow you to send a direct message for you and this eliminates your following them to send messages to them. Now as you can see this is in the right direction to get more out of Twitter and the best advantage is for those companies who use it as mode to get to their customers.

Now with this feature, customers will be able to communicate with their favourite brands and that too with a lot of ease and they can get the latest info and clear doubts or even register complaints with the company all  of them with a lot of ease.