How can access Twitter Music : Getting started with Twitter Music

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Twitter launched its new music service aimed to assist you expand your musical taste. we take a glance at getting started with it.

The new #music service will permit Twitter users to check which songs and artists are presently trending on the social network. therefore what’s Twitter Music, and the way does it work? Let’s take a glance.

How you access Twitter Music

How you access Twitter Music

Currently, there are 2 choices to use Twitter Music. you’ll access it through the net web site at or by downloading the free iPhone app. android users are yet again ignored within the cold by Twitter, a minimum of for the time being. What gives?

Once you visit the website or launch the app you’ll have to connect your Twitter account to the service. Doing so can assist you discover new music and artists through a number of totally different methods. you will find music shifting into 5 classes both on the website and within the app. They are:

  • Popular
  • Emerging
  • Suggested
  • #NowPlaying
  • Me

Each category takes a unique approach to recommending songs and artists for you. the first 2 are additional of a “what’s hot” list than anything. The suggested class takes music artists you follow and suggests new music based on that. The #NowPlaying class can show you what the individuals you follow are listening to, based on their tweets from the service or with the hash tag.

You can additionally look for your favorite artist to check who they follow within the music scene and find out new artists that way.

Listening to music on Twitter Music

By default any music you hear are a brief preview provided by iTunes. however if you are a Spotify premium or a paid Rdio user, you’ll connect your account and hear full songs. i attempted connecting a nonpaid Rdio account to Twitter Music and was able to still preview songs, that were then added to my Rdio history.

Adding a nonpremium Spotify account is not attainable. you’ll realize the button to attach your accounts within the top-right corner on the net web site, or within the app settings menu on the iPhone app.

If you would like to listen to a song, you either click or tap on the tile. you’ll continue to flick through the rest of the suggestions on the website or within the app. within the lower-left corner you will see a play control where you’ll pause or skip a specific track. you are additionally able to compose a tweet from anyplace by using an equivalent control and clicking on the compose icon that pops out once your mouse hovers over the icon.

Once a preview has finished, or a full song if you have connected an account, the playlist will move to subsequent artist listed. you will not be able to hear more than one song or preview from a specific artist unless it’s listed on the service.

Following artists

When you are browsing music and realize a brand new creator you wish, you’ll follow them with one faucet. The follow button can come into sight as your mouse moves over a tile, or once you highlight a tile within the iPhone app.
Remember, the entire purpose of Twitter Music is to assist you discover music, to not replace your existing music apps (thus the one song per creator limit). The service is harking back to MySpace and the way it helped music acts get discovered, however it’s still too early to check if this may have an equivalent impact.