How to Suspend Individual Tabs in Chrome or Firefox

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Tabbed Internet browsing is an option for browsing various sites without dumping your desktop with individual windows. But generally, having a lot of tabs open will certainly decrease the pace of your browser or even the entire machine. Obviously there is remedy for this by; following these steps you can make use all the convenience of tabbed browsing in Chrome or Firefox without hindering the performance.

Initially you need to download, install, and configure TooManyTabs for Chrome or Firefox. Note that you may be asked to restart your browser before the add-on’s functions become available.

For Chrome

suspend individual tabs in Chrome

Step 1: Click on the TooManyTabs icon to the right of the address bar.

Step 2: The page that appears will show a list of all the tabs you have open. Click on the small arrow next to a tab to suspend it from operation.

Step 3: To resume operation of a tab, click on its name in the list of suspended tabs on the right side of the window.

For Firefox

Step 1: Right-click on any tab to access the options menu.

Step 2: Select Send Tab to TooManyTabs, and then select the row (the suspended tabs are moved to a pseudo-title bar) you’d like to send it to.

Step 3: Click on any tab in the TooManyTabs bar to reopen the tab.

If these steps are followed as many tabs as you like can be opened   without bothering about the slowing down of your browser.