How to learn keyboard shortcuts in Feebly

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There are two types of users for Feebly: the tech-savvy and modern users and not so fast users who belong to the older generation. For the second group, it is fine to use Feebly as they use now. But the case of the former group is different as they would like to move around with their activities speedily and in this case, the dearth of keyboard shortcuts was a lacunae at least from their point of view; not anymore.



Now Feebly Web has introduced some very useful keyboard shortcuts which will enable you to use it with amazing speed and precision and you will wonder if you really could do this so fast. These keyboard shortcuts come with the latest update to Feebly and I recommend you get this as fast as you can if you really care about your computing speed and precision.

Now I am not going to discuss all the changes introduced but only the important and the most useful ones and the rest you can learn so easily.

Now you can easily refresh by clicking ‘r’.Another important feature is that you can move around different articles by say ‘j’ for opening next article,’k’ for the previous article, ‘n’ to select the next article, ‘p’ if you want to select the previous article and so on.

Now you can use ‘m’ if you would like to toggle mark as read and so on. In case if you want to save an article for using it later, you can click ‘s’. You might want to share an article and in this case, you can simply click ‘b’. In case if you want to minimize and hide an article, you can simply do this by clicking ‘x’. If you want to close an entry, you can easily do it by clicking ‘o’.