How to use Microsoft Office in Linux

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There are many alternatives to Microsoft Office that you can use in Linux but it is a fact that many users, particularly the not that new generation of computer users still want to have it, whichever platform they use. As for them ,here is good news and now you can start using it even in Linux.


You do have a variety of options when it comes to installing Microsoft Office in Linux. First, you have the option of using Wine which is a Windows compatibility layer that lets you run Windows softwares on Linux. The thing is that it is not perfect but still you can be assured of running Microsoft Office and other popular ones without a problem

CrossOver is another product similar to Wine but it is not free. Hence you can opt for this one if you have money in hand and need better user-experience.

You can also install it using programs like VirtualBox or VMware.

Here we will discuss how to install it using Wine. The important thing is you will be disappointed if you like to use the newer versions of Microsoft Office. With Wine, you can run upto 2007 without a problem but beyond that, you need to perform additional tweaks.

Once you have installed Wine, you need to run the Office setup.exe file from your disc.The installation process is very simple and you need not worry a bit on this regard. But I cannot say for sure that you will not run into problems. It depends on many things like the version of Wine and also the Microsoft Office version. Your Linux version will also determine a lot. So much said, I still urge you to give it a try as generally speaking everything will be fine and you will get that unique Office experience which is a great thing.