How to manage Linux Live CDs and USB Drives

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It is always from your hard disk and so it works like that. Well you might be wondering as to what I am talking about in here. Do not get me wrong. I am dealing with OS booting from sources which you would not consider in normal conditions. Well I am dealing with Linux OS and how to boot this one from a CD or say a USB and then make it work like a charm. The Linux Live media will load from your CD or for that matter even form your USB.



Now there are so many advantages for doing this. The first real advantage is that it will give you enhanced security. This sort of an high-end security can be of great help in doing functions like bank transactions where security is always an added advantage, whatever you might have to do. Well the next important advantage is in a way connected with this one itself. What I mean iis that you can actually be doubly sure about possessing a highly secure system that you have.

Now there has been a lot of controversies about personal privacy and how to enhance this one thing is this era. Well even if this will not in any way be a panacea, I still urge you to consider something novel like this one which will of course give you more security which you will gain like so easily.

Now you might be wondering as to if this sort of a service is in Windows or not and for this my answer is not that cool for you. Windows do not as yet offer this service for he average user even if it does give this service to businesses.  So that means that if your are so keen on trying this on Windows, then you will have to wait for some time.