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Looking for additional security on your LinkedIn profile? currently there is a choice to activate two-step verification.

A lot of firms on the online are providing support for secondary authentication. Some do this with apps like Google authenticator, whereas others simply use SMS. primarily, both ways give you with a security code that you need to enter in order to log in.

LinkedIn has joined the 2 step verification trend, using SMS as the delivery technique for codes. Here’s how you set it up:

two-step verification_linkedin

Step 1: Log in to your LinkedIn profile. Click your user picture in the upper-right-hand corner and choose Settings.

Step 2: On the tabs on the bottom-left-hand side, click Account. Then, click Manage security settings (bottom of the left column).

Step 3: beneath 2 step verification for sign-in, click turn on. Enter a reliable telephone number and then click Send Code.

Now you simply got to enter the code you receive via SMS and log back in to the LinkedIn site.

If you would like to change the telephone number related to your account, or remove two-step verification, those changes can be created simply from the same menu.