How to use Wikitube for academic purposes

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It is virtually an information explosion that is happening daily and you will have to go through massive amount of sources to be able to keep yourself updated about what is happening in and around our world.

How to use Wikitube for academic purposes

You can rely on many internet sources to track data and integrate them for ideal use. Well it should be mentioned that you can use Youtube and Wikipedia for this very purpose and you know that using these two would make the process of learning more enjoyable, owning to their excellent methods pf presenting information for the average user.

Now you can use the services of both these and integrate them for maximum use. Well all you need to know is that this is made possible now only due to a Chrome extension which will let you accomplish this very result. You can actually reap many a benefit by installing this extension and the primary advantage is that you will now be able to play videos directly then and there in wikipedia.

This is made possible now as you will see a chain of connected videos which are related to the very topic that you are studying and now instead of visiting youtube each time, you can avert that by watching the video intermittently. Right now, there is a maximum number in case of the videos that will be displayed on your wikipidea page and now the cap is three videos.

Now this is amenable to change as if more videos can actually be useful for your research purpose, these should be added to the cart as well though this does not happen at the moment. So working on this should be very urgent and this has to be rectified at the earliest moment possible as more users will be attracted to the extension now.