Steer the Windows 8 start screen via mouse and keyboard

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PC users can navigate the Metro start screen by using the mouse and keyboard easier than swiping fingers.


The Metro Start screen becomes more crowded and wider when you install more apps in Windows 8. But using trusty mouse and keyboard PC users can easily steer across the Start screen.

By Mouse:

Move your mouse to all directions and you will find mousepointer in the screen.

Laptop users can tap into their trackpad .To move the pointer swipe your fingers

 By Keyboard:

The right and left arrow keys on your keyboard will move you right and left one column at a time and the down and up arrow keys will move you down and up one tile.

Pressing the Page Down and Up keys will move you right and left an entire group or screen of tiles at one time. When you press the Home key you will move to the first tile on the Start screen, The last tile on the Start screen is workable with the End key.

Pressing the tab key will make move the pointer between the Start screen tiles and to navigate other screens. You can use some of these movements in mouse and keyboard, such as the Apps screen as well as the screens of various Metro apps.

It is not an easy task to navigate the Start screen or as intuitive on a PC as it is on a tablet. But your handy mouse and keyboard can still help you find your way across a crowded Start screen. There you find the greatness of mouse and keyboard.