Attach Twitter lists and profiles to your Windows 8 Start screen

If you follow a lot of Twitter users as well as  lists, but have a just some that you track closely, the new Twitter for Windows 8 has a feature you should be interested in. The recent update to the Twitter app from the Windows Store now lets you attach  your favorite lists and profiles to your  Windows 8 Start screen.


Combined with the Windows 8.1 release that lets you  customize the Start screen, you can allocate a section of the Start screen for the Twitter profiles and lists that interest you the most. Here’s how to do it:

From the Windows 8 Twitter app, get  to the list or user profile that you want to attach on the screen, then right-clickon the window. If you possess a tablet or touch screen, swipe up from the bottom edge of the screen. Tap or select the  “Pin to Start,” located in the lower left-hand corner. When the list or user profile tile pops up, provide a name to the tile, then tap or click on the blue “Pin to Start” button.

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