Find the zoom feature in Vine for Android

Vine for Android has been launched.But how to find the zoom feature in it is the question.


Well,this short-video service,originally for iOS users has made a large number of users,13 million to be precise.

The ability to zoom while recording video was announced with much ado during its Android version launch.

I enthusiastically tried Vine,attempted to zoom using the familiar pinch-to-zoom way.It just didn’t work.Next,I tried double-tappping.The result was the same.I was sad to realise that my device didn’t support this app.

Then I happened to read this post on MakeUseOf which covers where to find the zoom feature.

Well,the volume-up and –down keys should be used to zoom while recoring a video.Give it a try when you use the Vine app for Android and see the magic for yourself.

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