Use CamMe and get better selfies

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This free iOS app lets you remove the outstretched arm from your self photsos

The selfie is an inevitable part of your life,thanks to  social networking sites and you want to show your friends that you are having  a nice time and you maybe alone at times.


Most selfies want you to stretch your arms and then snap.Well you may occasionally want to remove that out-stretched arm and here comes CamMe to help you.

This app lets you put down your iPhone and take a selfie or a group shot with everyone(think about that friend who takes the pic).CamMe lets you snap a shot by hand gestures.Put down the iPhone suitably and position yourself anywhere between two and ten feet.With CamMe,you can use either the front-or rear-facing camera,although it’s easier to do it with the front one.An open hand icon appears on the screen and now make a fist.CamMe counts down three,two,one,snap…!