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Landcam is the ideal iPhone photo editor with a great set of tools and a user-friendly design.

If you use Instagram regularly, you must have used its 19 filters(with the exception of Kelvin,the worst).Check out Landcam to add a wholly new dimension to your instagramming ways.It’s a 99-cent square photo editor for the iPhone.


Landcam has the flat,minimalist design ,typical of iOS 7,but deep within lies a ppowerful photo editor.With the app you can snap a shot,and its camera mode will let you opt either the front- or rear-facing camera with enabling the flash. You can turn oon grid lines or enable a double-exposure shot from the settings menu.You won’t see all these features in all iPhone camera app.After taking a shot using the app or loading one from your gallery,you will have to crop it into a square.Three buttons for accessing Landcam’s vast collection of editing tools are located between undo and redo buttons.To get the entire complement of tools,you shall like the app on Facebook.

The first part of tools include dozens of filters.You can browse through either color or monochrome collections by sweeping to the right.These filters are found to be subtler than Instagrams and each has s slider to alter the degree of its effects.

The next part allows you to adjust your photo’s wxposure, brightness, contrast, color etc.Each of the 12 tools has a slide thus ensuring control.

The third part is a collection of add-ons to add a border,select a font to write something on to the pic, add a hockey-sketched item etc.Light leaks and Transform are two tools of great help here.The former can be rotated and positioned in various spots along with adjusting their intensity.The Tansform tool helps you flip and rotate the photo.I must ad that I found it cool to resize and reposition writing on a photo,using the fun selection of fonts.

Post-tweaking your photo, you can save it to the Camera Roll,open it using Instagram,and can share through any medium-Facebook,Twitter etc.It also gives a lot of flexibility by offering a button to open it in other apps on your iPhone.