How to block ads using AdBlock Plus?

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Do you ever wish to block internet ads? Here we have the chrome or Firefox extension ‘AdBlock Plus’ for blocking unnecessary internet ads.

Some of you may have the mastery of the techniques in ignoring internet ads but nowadays advertisers are more careful in using innovative techniques to make their ads noticeable and we cannot simply ignore these ads. There was news stating ads will appear in your Facebook newsfeed and it is time to think about an effectual app for blocking ads. AdBlock Plus is a powerful answer to these disturbing and irritating advertisements. AdBlock Plus is capable enough to block the upcoming newsfeed ads but it is not too much efficient to remove the current advertisements from sites like Facebook, Google plus etc.


First of all you need to install the extension (here for Chrome or here for Firefox) and starts its running automatically in Chrome and requires a restart first in Firefox. A small ABP stop-sign icon gets added to the right side of your URL bar and you can simply recognize the running of this extension in Chrome. If it looks as an ad for you, AdBlock Plus will help you to remove the ad in its settings.  The first step is to Go to Window and select Extensions. Click on the new tab that opens, click the Options link for AdBlock Plus, and choose the General tab and there you’ll see a check box for Show icon in address bar.

In Firefox, things are little different and you will see the icon in the bottom-left corner of your browser window and the path to get in to AdBlock Plus settings in Firefox is slight different from that of Chrome. To open AdBlock Plus go to Tools and select Add-ons then select Extensions.

This icon is so useful while dealing with networks and you will experience the difference it makes in networking. In a situation you really wish to see those ads in a specific site we can disable the AdBlock Plus only for that particular site. For instance, when we use Facebook AdBlock Plus removes the Ticker along with the ads from the right panel. In Chrome, you can bring back these ads by clicking the stop-sign icon and uncheck the box for Enabled for this site and the icon disappears and ads come back to our desired site. In Firefox, you have three options of checking the AdBlock Plus and with the first one we can disable the options for removing ads from the current page you are viewing, from all pages on the site you are currently visiting, or disable the extension completely.

We can simply install the AdBlock Plus in both Chrome and Firefox and an appropriate language filter can also be selected. Filters for many languages can be found on the Filter lists tab of the AdBlock Plus’ Options page and THE filter for English language is EasyList.

While blocking the ads using AdBlock Plus, in a few sites you may see blank spaces in place of those advertisements but in most of the sites like CNET, the absence of ads is not at all noticeable. There is an option in Firefox to hide placeholders of blocked elements, but it doesn’t seem to do anything. For most of the users default settings are enough and other attractive features are also there.

AdBlock Plus will be a wonderful aid for you for blocking those unnecessary ads while using networks and web services. Hope this extract could give an explicit idea about the features of AdBlock Plus and the methods to block the unwanted ads.