How to transfer music files from iPod or iPhone to PC without losing file names?

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If you are a user of iPod or iPhone for storing music, you might have encountered difficulties with transferring music files from your iPhone or iPod devices to your PC. Other workarounds like Houdini 3 are proficient enough to complete this task but the result will be unreadable or illegible file formats. For a simpler and much easier music file transfer we can rely on the compatible tool Sharepod. This is a free and lightweight tool which accesses, changes and copying music files from iPod or iPhone.

You can easily download Sharepod and for this process no special installations are required.


At first if there is any opened iTunes you have to close all that tunes and plug in your iPod or iPhone and then run Sharepod.

The second step is, select all tracks that you want to copy from your iPod or iPhone and this selection must be from the list in the program’s main window. There will be an option to copy files to PC in the top left-hand corner of your device. Click on the option Copy to PC to copy files.

In the third step a Copy to PC window will appear and you can fix destinations for your music files and you can also set up the sorting order for your files. This feature is included in the section named as “I want my music to look like this”. To copy the tracks Click OK.

This is the simple procedure to copy music files from your iPod or iPhone to PC and after seeing the results, we are sure you will be amazed. There won’t be any damaged files or problems with data loss etc. If you have to reformat your machine due to spyware, or your computer falling out a window while transferring music files this wonderful tool, sharepod is the answer.