The way to get Android notifications in Windows

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Operations in a computer occationally denotes concentrate to your smartphone or tablet while it bleeps.Desknotifier pushes the mails to your desktop thus you can manage (or disregard) them immediately.


When you perform at a computer for any time,the chances are fine that you’ll be suspended through your mobile device.It’s quite simple to keep it silent,however you want to proceed on a text or a call at times,that comes your route.DesktopNotifier messages notifications from your Android device to the Windows  PC.These are the way to use it:

  • Download Windows app here plus Android app here then install together.
  • When you run Android app for the first time,you will be aimed to put it on from the Accessibility settings.It cannot be functioned when you don’t do this,other it’s an effortless  action.
  • When you mange Windows app for the first time,you’ll be required to watch over a number of bookkeeping,like the language you choose and whether to begin the app at launch(suggested).
  • You may be required to insert the IP address of your Android device whenever you begin; providentially,the Android app make a list,near the floor of the main screen.(The USB cable can also be used,but not feasible for one and all.)
  • As soon as the setup is focused,you’ll get notifications in your desktop.They  neither occupy a lot of gap nor remain long, however it’s simple to empty them if they perform contract in your method.
  • Replies to texts or new ones can be send from your desktop,and this is one of its good quality.Click the notification to reply,when a text pops up.DeskNotifier icon from the system tray can also be right-clicked and choose New SMS for sending a new text.

Wow! DeskNotifier is helpful to man who want to evade the excitement of their   mobile devices or those people who wish for a jump to a text discussion lacking to inform the boss.