How to add usernames to comments quickly in Instagram 3.0

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With a simple gesture, quickly send a mention to a fellow Instagram user.

We all love comments..! Because they lead to some funny conversations and feedback regarding photos. On the other, Sometimes we hate them because hardly anyone who uses Instagram realizes that in order to get alerted of a new comment on a photo other than your own, you have to be mentioned in the comment.This is a small problem.


At least on the iPhone  with a slight tweak in the latest version of Instagram, In a comment you can now quickly mention a username and ensure that they will see your comment or reply. (The Android version doesn’t allow you to reply to them like the iphone. Whereas it only allows you to delete comments)

Swipe left-to-right on their comment and tap on the small arrow if you want to mention someone when viewing a comment or comments on a photo. To the comment field their user name will automatically be added.

With recent updates Instagram has been sneaking in small features. There’s a quick way to mention someone in a comment after the Camera Roll shortcut was added in v2.5. In the respective update’s release notes neither of these were mentioned. From now on

this new feature helps people send comments, complete with usernames.

Anyway everything is now simple….!!!