How to make use of Niftysplit for 2 windows in Chrome

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I did say in one of my previous articles about the need to let the users have a more enriched browsing experience and some of the suggestions in the list were discussed to great effect. Now there was an entry about the need to provide one to one browsing which allows the user to use half of the window for a particular function and the other half for another use.

How to make use of Niftysplit for 2 windows in Chrome


Now this is now possible with the release of the Chrome extension NiftySplit which caters to this very need of the user. Now this is going to be a real game-changer in browsing window capabilities and functionality. Now you might be wondering as to what and how exactly the extension does to your browsing window. What it actually does is that it performs the specific functions listed above, all of them without making substantial changes in you normal browsing window.

On the other hand, it gives you the opportunity to perform the said functions by providing you with an option to browse using the extension on another window. Hence this avoids the complexities that were usually associated with all the extension which tried to enable some sort of browser window changes which actually stopped short of success due to this very reason. Now this particular extension here will let you open a given link and that too with the added advantage of enabling further splitting into two. Now the advantages to such a novel experience are manifold.

The most important thing is that now browsing becomes more enjoyable than how it used to be. Also I must add that now you can browse more pages with lesser time and considerably manage browsing pattern subject to bandwidth allocation. Hence this technology is going to be a trend-setter and you better get accustomed with this one as fast as you can.