Data-recovery from a non-functioning computer

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You may at times face such crises as recovering data from a system which does not work. Now this can happen due to two reasons. First of all, it may be because of the complaint of the hard disk. In this case,you may have to get expert help which can be costly as well. Now if you think that the problem lies with the OS and not the hard disk, then you can give a try yourself. You will have two ways in front of you to recover your data.


The first way is to get the aid of any other OS and then make use of it to start the system and then perform the copying of your files. Now this means that you get the help from other OS say for example Linux which is in a CD or even a pen-drive. Now once you load it ,you can simply get the data to a storage device of your choice.

Now there is yet another way in front of you by which you can recover all your data. This essentially means hard disk transplant. Well to put it simple, you secure the hard disk in your system and then you inject it on yet another system and then you do the work. Now this does mean some sort of an interest and skill from your part. You will have to open the case and do the work yourself.

In case you can get help from your friends who are more skilful than you in this regard, all the well. In case you are not in such a position, you need not worry as this is not a very complex thing to do. In the first place, you will have to plug off the system and then once you open the case, you can easily locate the hard disk and then put yours there.