After upgrading to iOS 6 how to fix battery issues ?

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After upgrading to Apple’s latest iOS update, version 6. users have been reporting battery issues with their iPhones and iPads. Let’s find the problem and get back the condition.

Several users began reporting that their iOS devices had taken a significant battery life hit after Apple’s iOS 6 update which was released last week.

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It is not same to everyone. Some iPhone and iPad owners found that after updating to iOS 6 using Apple’s over-the-air updating the battery life they had come to expect was not appreciable.

a few troubleshooting tips provided by Apple Support Communities user sbaily4 could be of help if you find your device is not getting the battery life it once had for iOS 5.1.1.

You have to make sure that you have a good backup of your iPhone or iPad.

Therefore please plug your device into your Mac or PC, open iTunes, and sync it.

Tap to navigate to General > Reset from the setting menu. At the top of the screen you may found the option to “Reset All Settings”. Just check that. You won’t lose anything  important (music, videos, photos, or apps ) by performing this action.

A basic setup information including reconnecting to your Wi-Fi network will appear in the screen of your iPhone or iPad , as if you had just purchased the device. Just use the device now, so that the battery will empty within seconds.

Charge the device preferably from a wall outlet undisturbed, to a full 100 percent. Open Settings and navigate to General > Usage if your battery percentage is not showing up. Flip the switch to On under battery usage.

This process should resolve Any battery issues resulting from the iOS 6 update, especially if it was performed over the air can be resolved through this process. Plug your device into your Mac or PC, open iTunes, and perform a restore if you find that your battery life is still not up to par, – first restore from a backup and then, if that does not resolve the issue, as a new device.

After upgrading to iOS 6 have you experienced any issues, battery life or otherwise? Please mark your comments..!

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  1. Caz

    Reset an restored iPhone 4S an still poor battery life compared to pre upgrade of IOS 6 🙁

    1. Bibin

      @caz… Did you did the all the steps in the article??

  2. Caz

    I have let my battery run out as per article and recharged to 100% after resetting. going to do this another couple of times as see it worked after 3 times as per comments. Will let u know if it finally works for me thanks

    1. Bibin

      Ok caz.

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