hide and unhide apps from ios

How to Hide and unhide apps from your iPhone’s purchased list

In the past, you could accomplish this maneuver right your phone. Now, it needs a visit to iTunes. verify where in iTunes you wish to go to cover and unhide apps from your purchased list.

To Hide apps from your purchased list
Step 1 : Open up iTunes and click on on the iTunes Store button.
Step 2 : click on the home button if the store did not receptive this view.
Step 3 : within the right column, beneath the quick Links header, click on the Purchased link.
Step 4 : Click on Apps from the top of this read, and you will see a grid of your purchased app. Hover over an icon and a tiny X button appears within the upper-left corner.

hide and unhide apps from ios

Step 5 : Click the X to hide the app. The app are going to be hidden from the purchased list on your phone future time you take a glance at your purchased list; no set is necessary.

To reverse course and unhide an app
Step 1 : click on the button along with your username in iTunes and choose Account.
Step 2 : within the iTunes in the Cloud section, click the Manage button that sits to the right of the Hidden Purchases.
Step 3 : choose Apps and you will a grid of icons for all of your hidden apps, each with an Unhide button.
Step 4 : Click the button and also the app is came back to your purchased list.

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