How to watch videos in Youtube while browsing

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As we all know, a lot has been said and written about Youtube, so much that we are at the brink of Youtube information overload. Nevertheless one would like to imbibe a richer Youtube experience as our tastes have undergone a deep evolution over the years. Hence Google has come up with something to quench this very thirst of all those who use the Internet and watch Youtube videos. So now you can watch videos along with browsing at the same instant.


The latest update to the app is all about this-a completely altered UI with a multitasking feature, which will let users shrink a given video along with browsing. You can all it picture in picture. Nevertheless, Samsung has done exactly this while launching Galaxy. So Google cannot take credit to innovate something as such.

Well I must admit that this has been done effectively, thanks to the greater screen size of the devices.

To experience a new multitasking dimension, you need to launch the Youtube app on your device and then start playing any video. After that, you need to swipe the video down if you intend to minimise it. Else, you can tap the arrow as given in the corner (upper-left).Now you can browse Youtube just the way you have been doing earlier.

If you think it is time to maximise it, all you need to do is to swipe it or even tap it.

Well what’s more, you can close a minimised video very quickly. To do this, you need to swipe it to the right or even to the left. You can notice that the audio has a unique way of fading, in tandem with the applied touch of your finger, which is very much appealing to any user. To add a point, I recommend you to use a device with greater screen size as from my primary evaluation, the user-experience is enhanced with increasing screen size of your device.