How to enhance your Motorola Droid-experience

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The tips I am going to provide will definitely enhance your experience in using your Motorola smartphone. These include sharing of your data along with a host of other items.

Motorola Migrate is very useful during data sharing. To be more specific, data sharing between an old phone and a new one is so much easier now, thanks in part to this. The new Droids can use this tool to efficiently share data.  You just need to download this app in your old smartphone as well and voila!

How to enhance your Motorola droid-experience

Droid Zap is yet another useful Motorola feature. This provides the device with wireless photo and video sharing ability with devices using Android. The distance between the devices should preferably be within something like 1000 feet for effective transmission of data sans any glitches. This feature is very much user-friendly and responds to our instructions quite effectively. You can enable Droid zap in your Settings menu and after that you need to enter your phone gallery. After performing these steps, you need to select the images that you need to send. You can likewise receive these sent files.

Motorola Connect is yet another amazing feature. With this Chrome extension, you can see incoming call as well as messages when you are not close to your phone. You can use your computer to perform these functions connected with your phone. You need to download the extension and start using the stuff using your Google profile.

Wireless Display helps to stream content using your smartphone and lets you to connect to your TV using  Chromecast. This feature makes you so much powerful to use technology to your advantage. Though these features are all very much competitive and easy to use, there are some obvious limitations to them, which makes them a tad loose, to say the least. The main lacunae is that these features are not supported in all the models and I would say only a handful of the models support them.