Tips to use emoji in OS X Mavericks

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I wonder if I will ever be able to find a person who does not wish to get more emoji experience for them. I seriously think that as to be an impossible case as no mortal can ever think of not using this fabulous keyboard once in their lives. Apple did a grave mistake by not introducing the shortcut to OS X even when they did it to iOS 5.

Tips to use emoji in OS X Mavericks


This is not to deny the fact that there were ways to make use of the emoji keyboard even then.  Now with the arrival of OS X Mavericks, users can make use of the popular shortcut to the emoji keyboard and you can enter special characters. The previous lacuna of the absence of a one-touch shortcut has been solved once and for all.  So the new shortcut is to press Command-Control-Space and that is all you need to do. So the basic fact about this new shortcut is that it is really easy for anyone.

Now you can perform many a thing with this shortcut. The first thing is that when you are in a given text field in OS X Mavericks, using the shortcut will show an emoji picker. You will have the option of attaching it to the very same field. Now you also have another option. This is to drag the picker away. Now in case you decide to leave it there just like that, then you can select one emoji and then it will close automatically.

Now in case you have chosen to drag the emoji picker away, then you will have the option of placing numerous of them in the field and this is one way you can make it look so beautiful and I can say that this shortcut will make the emoji keyboard ever more popular.