Tips to reuse your old iPad

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It goes without saying that no new technology will stay new for more than a couple of months going by the current momentum and thus it is only common for us to change to a newer model as and when we are interested. Now this does pose a problem or two. The most important is about the old device itself. SO if you are planning to dump your old iPad, here are some tips that you can use to enhance its utility.


The first thing that you can consider is to convert your iPAd into a dedicated and 24*7 photo  frame. Now the advantages to this are many. In the first place, you do know that iPad has got excellent photo-frame apps and this makes the task ever more easy for you. You do have apps like Photo Slideshow Director HD that will let you add music also.

You can also consider converting it into a dedicated music player even though the big screen will not let you consider this option. For you, there are many other things that can be considered. The most prominent one is to use it as a dedicated e-book and magazine reader. If you are an avid reader, chances are that you have already considered this option and I can say that this is the best option for you if you have the habit.

Well, if you are sort of an experimenter in the kitchen, then you can consider the heaps of options that you have in this respect with the numerous cooking apps, you will have no difficulty at all. Well if you need more out of your viewing experience, then you can really consider using your iPad as a secondary monitor and thus enhance your viewing experience. Well whatever options you find as great, it is always good to use it for something of value.