How to use Photowerks to manage your iPhone Camera Roll

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Well now you do have a wonderful and free universal app with which you can browse the huge number of photos on your iPhone and iPad. The most important thing about this app is that it is unbelievably user-friendly, so much that a beginner would tend to believe that he or she has used this particular app sometime before as well.

How to use Photowerks to manage your iPhone Camera Roll

Well a lot of users have been complaining  that with so big a collection of photos on your device, it takes a lot of work to arrange, organise and go through these heaps of photos. But not anymore. This app saves you from a lot of works.

The most prominent of these is that with this app now you can slice your Camera Roll in a number of ways as you like. You can do this grouping based on a number of parameters. These can be the date taken or location. This does not end here. You can sort them on any order-whether it be ascending or even descending, all of which without giving it any bother.

As I have mentioned earlier, this app is free but in case if you want to enable Photowerk’s Smart Albums, you need to shell out 99 cent. This is not a huge amount as the benefits this feature provides overrun the cost incurred. It will allow you to combine date, location, and camera features so that you can create an exclusive album made up of the pictures shot in a particular location during a specific time.

There are some peculiarities unique to this app like inability to delete your pictures in your Camera  Roll using this app. You can delete pictures but only from the app. I must add that except for this, the app is very much appreciated and will be a huge asset for anyone. So go and give a try.