Three Simplest Ways to Use a USB Flash Drive With Your PS3

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The USB ports in your PlayStation 3 exclusively has a good scope i.e., to use to power and  to adjust to game accessories . It is clear that those USB ports could also be used to transmit  data to a standard thumbdrive.


Confused ?  Try out the following ways  to pair with your PS3 & dust off your thumbdrive.

Load up, movies, photos and music
The following ways to get music, video, and photos from your computer to your PS3 is really usefull and effective: stream it wirelessly or burn a CD; or use a USB thumbdrive. If you want constant access to your PC’s media library ,streaming is more preffered, but oftentimes the experience is corrupted by laggy &spotty Wi-Fi connection.

You can use a USB drive to play back specific movies, photos, or music files on your PS3. To organize the media on the USB flash drive into folders labelled MUSICVIDEO, and PICTURE the PS3 supported file types, including MP4, DivX, AVI, WMV can be used .When you plug the USB drive into your PS3, you’ll see the media in the folders appear in the Cross Media Bar (XMB) under the predetermined categories.

Transfer game saves
Possibilities  with a USB drive;

If you want to resume  where a friend left off in a game, play your game on a friend’s PS3 by borrowing  his or her MLB authorisation; After  plug in the USB drive, from the Games menu, go to your game saves. Hit the options button after finding  the game you want to transfer. If it is license-protected you may not find the ‘Options’. If then  hit “Copy” and move it to your flash drive. When you plug your drive into another PS3, you’ll find the game save in the Saved Data Utility. Thus  you can use the franchise by transferring it.

Update your system
A 100MB-plus file downloads keeps you waiting. The PS3 don’t prefer a lethargic system updates. One way to curtail  this prolonged  task is to download the update onto the drive while you’re there. Installation & the update can done in this way.

Download the latest update from the PS3 update page, and put it in a folder on your USB drive labelled UPDATE. Connect  into your PS3, Go to Settings > System Update, and from your storage device you can install it.

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