How to Import Flickr Images into Google Plus

Google+ is breaking the records of social networking, as Google Plus has great features and facilities. G Plus is administrated by Google, thus it has the combination of Picasa, Gmail, Buzz, Translator etc. But still Flickr (from Yahoo) is the best Photo website. And we can Import Flickr images into Google Plus.


When we are uploading photos in Google plus, it is directly uploaded to Picasa web album, but many people are using Flickr as their basic photo sharing service. So below is the solution provided for Transfer Flickr Images into Google Plus.

google plus

Migratr is freeware software that helps you in transfer Flickr Photos to Picasa Web Albums easily and as Picasa is the part of Google. Then transferred photos will atomically get in your Google+ account.

Download Migratr from here

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  1. Yeah but you need the intermediate step of moving them to a PC . . . not good if you have a Mac or Chromebook. What would be better is a way for Google Plus photos to directly use the Flickr photos.

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