How to View your recent Google account activity

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Your Google account is liable for providing you with access to more than just your email nowadays. Your Google account provides you with access to a large range of Google services, together with Google Music, Google Drive, and Google+. It additionally permits you to log in and set up devices, like android smartphones, tablets, and Chromebooks.


To help you retain an eye on your Google account, Google tracks your recent account activity and permits you to review them from your Google Dashboard. It’s like the Gmail “Last account activity,” however includes over simply your Gmail activities.

To look at your recent Google account activity,
Step 1 : click on your Google profile photograph, then click Account.
Step2 : within the left column, click on Security, then Recent Activity.
you’ll be able to additionally go on to

Most of the things are log-in activities, however you will additionally see some password and recovery activities also. For log-ins, you’ll be able to see from where the log-in originated, the browser used, OS, and ip address. keep in mind that the activity list, as Ghacks notes, is for internet log-ins solely.