How to remove unwanted URL predictions from omnibox-Chrome

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At times,you can get disgusted because if the unwanted helps provided by the internet.The same is the case with Chrome Autocomplete as well.Just when you start to type in a specific URL,the Chrome autocomplete can provide you with a wrong address.This can be really annoying to any user.Hence if you wish to settle this issue once and for is what you need to do to prevent that unwanted URL from ever showing up:


The root of the issue is that Chrome wasnts to help you,but it does not realise how unhelpful it is.It wants you to help get where you want faster.Though there is no easy and direct steps to accomplish this,you can do it by two ways.

The first way is to arrow down using your keyboard to highlight the URL and afterwards click Shigt-Delete on a PC;for Mac it is Shift-FN-Delete;Alt-Shift-Backspace on a Chromebook.This is one way to disable the URL prediction for a temperory time-frame.But there are users who would really want to disable the URL prediction feature completely and permanently.For them,there is good news.This second method deals with how you can disable the URL prediction function altogether.This method is of course very easy and you need not worry abut a thing.This is how to do it:

The first step is to open the Chrome menu.Then you need to select the Settings option.Afterwards,you need to select the option-Show advanced aettings(you can see this in the bottom.).Under the privacy option,you need to uncheck the “Use a prediction service to help complete searches and URLs typed in the address bar”

Now just browse through the internet and you shall type a URL.You will see the most wonderful sight-no more annoying URL predictions which haunted you like forever.Hence you can see that your browsing experience has become much more easier and enjoyable.