How to jump to the top of a web page using keyboard shortcut

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If you miss the old three-finger swipe upward on the trackpad to come to the top of an online page, then you’ll like this keyboard shortcut.

Back in the days before macintosh OS X Lion (not to mention Mountain Lion), I used a handy trackpad gesture after I found myself mired in a very particularly prolonged web content that would let me jump back to the top. I simply swiped upward on the trackpad with 3 fingers and i was right back at the top of the page.


When OS X Lion hit, one among the various options it introduced was Mission control, that you accessed by swiping up with 3 fingers (or all four, if you tweaked a setting in System Preferences). Mission control is nice and all (particularly once used with keyboard shortcuts), however it took away a useful tool of mine.

You may already know about this keyboard shortcut that permit me jump to the top of a web page.but it was new to me, therefore i believed it’d be new to others. The keyboard shortcut to jump to the highest of a web page is — drum roll, please — Command and also the up-arrow key. I found it works with Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, and i suspect it works with alternative browsers furthermore.
In related news, you would be right if you said Command and also the down arrow allow you to skip to the bottom of a web.