How to make a free call using your iPhone and the Facebook app

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Facebook recently updated the iOS app to the version five.five(5.5), including an equivalent free calling feature its messenger app has had for a short while currently. like the messenger version, you are able to put or receive a call over each a Wi-Fi or 3G/LTE connection from your iPhone.

The option to put or receive a call is on the market solely on the iPhone, not on the iPad or site.


Launch the Facebook app and examine your messenger contact list.

Open a speech communication with a contact, then tap in the “i”

If the contact is using either the messenger for iOS app, or the foremost recent Facebook for iOS app, the “Free Call” button are highlighted. tap on the button to create a call.

If the calling choice does not show for you, make certain to update the app.
Is putting a call through the Facebook app one thing you intend on doing, or just another feature you will soon forget about?