How to enter the FB alpha program in Android

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Now if you belong to that group of people who would love to test out things and know for yourself the efficacy of popular and useful apps, then there can be the least doubt about joining the FB alpha program. Basically, it allows you to see for yourself how the new FB app for Android is going to work out for you.



It was some time back and to be precise back in June that it was announced about the beta version of the app for Android and yes it has been some time since then. The beta version, it must be said has been quite stable and there have been a number of improvements on it and thus it is quite efficient is the least to say. Now what does the new announcement mean for the average user? As it has been said in the FB Engineering blog, you can be assured about one thing in the least, that this app is not going to be stable, it will definitely break.

That is the best part about the new announcement, you are guaranteed about the risk but then the app cannot be approved sans this provision and this makes the entire exercise very much essential from the point of view of FB. And now if you are willing to take part in this exercise then the steps that you need to follow are same as that of the beta version’s.

This means that if you wish to join, then you have got to join the corresponding Google Group. Once you have done this, then you will have to select or choose the alpha as given in the Play Store. You can simply download it and then you will be prompted to turn on the automatic updates and this is very essential for you.